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The Silent Witness of Andalas University Student’s Struggle

Business Centre is a place that always crowded with students of Andalas University, everyday students visit this place. These many students consist of some groups. There are students who only having breakfast, lunch or dinner with their friends, students who enjoy their time by hanging out there, students who held a meeting with their organization, students who look stress doing their assignment, and students who just sitting there to get free Wi-Fi.

Business Centre always crowded because of many good reasons, one of it is good facility that can cover almost all students need. There are many choices of foods and drinks that friendly with student pocket money. There is not only food and drink that you can find in Business Centre, you can find Photocopy centre where students print out their assignment or photocopying their materials for their study or buy stationary. Minimarket where students can buy snack or whatever it is. internet café where students who don’t have laptop usually type their assignment or playing online game like Point Blank, Lost Saga, Dota etc. Laundry where student who doesn’t have time or lazy to wash their clothes. Accessories store where student buy shirt or shoes. Beside all of those reasons the place of Business Centre itself is easy to reach. “Here (Business Centre) I often eat together with my friends doing, my assignment or downloading game. Beside the place that available for 24/7, the condition and situation of the place is comfy and of course the price, I do not have to spend a lot of money when I am eating here.” Says Rifqi Tafthazani one of students who usually hanging out in Business Centre. The location of Business Centre that placed near Andalas University dormitory also makes a lot of dormitory students hanging out here. The seller also really have nice attitude that makes the students feel at home when them in Business Centre.

Business Centre available round the clock for students, Business Centre is not only crowded when sun still shining but also after the sun disappear from the horizon. Day and night students in turn come and go from this place. Sometimes one of university organizations held an event here. For the example is Unit Kegiatan Seni Andalas University they show live band performance for 2 days in order to get freshman intention so they want to join them in their organization. Business Centre also often use as a place where senior gave advise and introduce them self to the freshman.

Beside the price, facilities, nice service from the seller, Business Centre also a secure place. There are two security post near the Business Centre that twenty four hours watching Business Centre and dormitory building. Many students satisfied with the work of the Business Centre security, almost never student report that their car or motorcycle was stolen. “day and night Business Centre always crowded with students in the night students from Engineering Faculty often do their homework until the dawn, so we always do our best to secure both Business Centre and dormitory” states Mr Zulwaryadi who has been ten years guarded these place.

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